August 7, 2017

5 Horrible Short Anime You Should (Not) Watch

Today I’ll give you a list of 5 short horrible anime you should (not) watch. These aren’t the kind of anime that are so bad they’re actually good. No, these anime are just plain horrible while they’re not the kind of horrible where you’re better off skipping, they’re not quite worth watching either. Though I can say that they are very interesting in a “Wtf? Why does this exist?’’ way. They’re very short, tending to be around 1 to 5 minutes long so they should be fairly easy to watch. I’ll try to include the first episode of each anime in this list.
Now then; let’s get started with number one;

1. Onara Gorou
Type: TV
Episodes and Length: 13 episodes, 3 min. per ep.
Genres: Comedy
Onara Gorou follows the everyday life of Gorou, the "most admirable of farts," as he solves problems in ways that only a fart can. (Source

Couldn’t find a proper link to episode 1 but with an image and summary like that, you don’t really need to know more about this anime.

2. Yo! Daitouryou Trap-kun(Hey, President Trap-kun!)
Type: ONA
Episodes and Length: Unknown, 44 sec.
Genres: Comedy, Parody

An anime about the new transfer student that raps, President Trap-kun. (Source)
Episode 1

3. Abunai Sisters: Koko & Mika
Type: OVA
Episodes and Length: 10 episodes, 3 min. per ep.
Genres: Action, Comedy, Ecchi
Computer-animated gag shorts about two female agents. (Source)
That summary really doesn’t do this series justice. Just watch the first episode.
Episode 1

4. Tenshi no Drop
Type: Special
Episodes and Length: 1 episode, 5 min.
Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, Shoujo Ai, Shounen

Botan Ichige has just enrolled in St. Asmaria All-Girl's School where angels are said to live. It turns out that angels do indeed live there, and after an accident, an angel named Un offers Botan her halo as a snack. After eating it, Botan discovers it had some bizarre side-effects, causing her to regularly "give birth" to colorful mushrooms. Is this the life of an angel!?(Source)
Episode 1
This series goes from cute to wtf so damn fast. 

5. Mori no Andou
Type: ONA
Episodes and Length:1 episode, 5 min.
Genres: Comedy
A penguin named Andou protects the forest and its animal inhabitants from the evil humans (or the "cancer of the Earth" as one sign in The Animal House reads). However, some of the animals suspect that Ando himself may be a human.(Source)
Episode 1 

And there you have it, 5 short horrible anime you should(not) watch.
I honestly have no idea how to explain any of these anime. Their bizarreness make you question what goes through the minds of the creators.


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