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Welcome to WonderfulSubs!

WonderfulSubs is a glorious place to get informed of the latest and greatest in the Anime and Manga world as well as a place where anime fans can meet fellow anime fans!

WonderfulSubs (or WS for short) was formerly a chatroom for anime fans and others alike. Our new mission is to deliver quality Anime related content to you in a more engaging way than traditionally done on other sites. An essential part of that mission is to help bring the Anime community closer together and to support the Anime industry however we can.

Throughout the years we will be hosting contests and giveaways to the community. A large factor that will determine the winners of these events will be based on how active you are in the WS community.

Our staff are big anime fans themselves! So don't be afraid to speak to us as we are friendly people (most of the time). I promise we don't bite!

I encourage everyone to sign up for a Disqus account (WS's commenting platform) as a big part of WonderfulSubs is community engagement (I'm looking at you lurkers).

Need a place to hang out or want to meet others like you? Say no more! You can visit the WonderfulSubs Discord server to chat and share anything with others. It's the perfect place to meet people and make new friends! You can access the invite link at anytime in the navigation bar above.
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Also be sure to check out the WonderfulSubs Disqus channel! Here you can create your OWN Anime related discussions for others in the community to engage in yourselves. It's basically our version of a forum except more user friendly.

We have a big mission here at WS and are determined to actively accomplish this heavy task. Of course, with anything big in life, money finds a way to crawl its way in it so we ask for anyone to contribute a donation to WonderfulSubs of any size if possible. We run mainly off of advertising revenue and don't want to resort to pop up ads, therefore even the smallest donation would help the cause immensely and help keep WonderfulSubs alive.

So with that I welcome everyone to the WonderfulSubs community! Remember to introduce yourself to others, engage in conversations, and most importantly, have fun.

Your friend, Red.
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