No Game No Life: Zero(Movie) News Round Up

With the Release of the No Game No Life Movie just around the corner set to release on the 15th of July. I think it would be a good time to round up every piece of No Game No Life: Zero News to get people ready for the movie.

Lets start with the character designs of the new main characters of this movie

Riku(Voiced By Yoshitsugu Matsuoka), The young leader of a Human Enclave
Shuvi(Voiced by Ai Kayano), a mechanized girl who meets Riku
Corone Dora(Voiced by Yoko Hikasa), a girl from Riku enclave and a Self-proclaimed sister-in-law of Riku
Jibril(Voiced by Yukari Tamura), a girl of the Flugel race
Nonna Zell(Voiced by Yuka Iguchi), a girl from Riku’s enclave
Shinku Nilvalen(Voiced by Mamiko Noto), the head of the noble Elf family Nilvalen. 
Now for every Poster/Visual that has been released so far 
1st Visual 
2nd Visual 
3rd Visual 
1st Poster 
2nd Poster 
3rd Poster 
4th Poster 
Every Trailer/PV(Promo Video)/CM
1st PV 
2nd PV
3rd PV
1st CM 
2nd CM
3rd CM
4th CM
And with that we have rounded up every piece of news that has to do with No Game No Life Zero. 
Now all that is next is to wait for the full movie which is set to release July 15th 2017.