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Best Anime for Arguments

Everyone enjoys a good argument; after all, it is our ability to reason and to speak (logos) that separates us from the animals. We are, as Aristotle wrote, political animals. Every group has internal arguments, and the anime community is no exception. Such debates range from the trivial to the earth-shaking. Some anime provide more food for thought or arouse stronger emotions, and thus provide more material over which to argue, than others.

The classic example is Death Note. One could argue for hours on end questions like whether Light was right or wrong, whether L or Light was greater or more intelligent or righteous, whether Death Note should have ended when that significant event happened, and so on and so forth. (Incidentally, L was right.)

Just try not to think about the depressing reality that Shinigami have an absolute and unchallengeable power of life or death over everyone on the planet.

Another such anime is Psycho-Pass. This raises various questions relating to moral and political philosophy, criminal justice, and epistemology, all of which basically boil down to Sybil and her sycophantic, lickspittling minions v Makishima. (Incidentally, Makishima was right.)

As with Death Note, there is also an argument about whether Psycho-Pass should have ended when that significant event happened.

Sword Art Online is another. While there are in-house arguments, most SAO arguments come down to the overarching argument between the two rival schools of thought on whether SAO is a good anime. (Incidentally, it is.)

There are actually some rather more interesting and productive arguments we could be having about the questions SAO raises (like whether one could be held criminally liable for acts committed in-game, or the morality or sense of loving an AI), but we cannot seem to see past the main one.

Yet another is, of course, Code Geass. The main argument here is whether Lelouch's actions were justified, or whether he should have let Charles, Suzaku, and Schneizel destroy the world. (Incidentally, he was justified.)

Still another relates to Fate/Zero. The main argument here relates to whom was right in the Grail Dialogue: was Arturia in the right or were Iskandar and Gilgamesh right? (Incidentally, Arturia was right; see Plato and Aquinas.)

Yet another is Puella Magi Madoka Magica. No matter how much one argues that what Kyubey did was wrong, one is always left with the unpleasant, nagging suspicion that what he did was defensible, at least on utilitarian grounds.

Okay, so basically these are the anime about which I myself happen to have had the most arguments. Therefore, it would be remiss of me not to mention Naruto. With over 700 episodes, there is plenty of material there. The main argument here is whether "[Insert first name here] Uchiha" or the Leaf were justified in their actions. (Incidentally, the Leaf was right.)

What do you think are the best anime about which to argue (and why)?
What is your position on these arguments?