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Chronos Ruler (First Appearances Review)


A young boy traveling with a man is in a search for missing memories, Not just missing, STOLEN by a type of monster that is hidden in the shadows of society called Horologues. Not only has Victo Putin, father of Kiri Putin (Son), lost his memories he has also lost his time, this leaves him with an appearance of a young boy living with nothing but his hunter's instincts as they are "Chronos Ruler's" (master's of time). Trained to do battle with these tedious, greed based monsters in the shadows, Can Victo and Kiri regain Victo's lost time? To succeed, they must first find the secrets to time itself. 

Genres: Action, Fantasy, Supernatural, Shounen.

Kiri Putin (left), Victo Putin (right)


I am quite Impressed with the graphics that have been displayed thus far I can see that the Director has been provided a decent budget to attempt to make this series a success and I believe he is doing quite well as some scenes may get your blood rushing.

Example 1
(Great, fluid, colourful fight scene) 

From this battle scene, you can see that this series is not afraid to have fun with each fight, vivid and fluid that keeps you at the edge of your seat. But as I do like some scenes so far, there are some scenes which make me feel otherwise that maybe they have tried too much to keep the fight as graphical as possible, 

Example 2
(Game like graphics, not fluid) 
Now I'm all for great looking graphics, and I'm glad these graphics show that they have invested into this Anime, but it puts me off from the series in general. This is solely my opinion, and you may disagree with me, but I feel these type of graphics scenes are too over the top and try hard so to speak. It just feels forced in my opinion, it doesn't necessarily mean it's bad if used wisely, (excuse my ranting).


Regarding comedy, I wouldn't say this a comedy dedicated Anime, but It does have a few scenes where you can't help but chuckle. For instance;

Kiri Putin (left), Mina Putin (center), Victo Putin (right) 

Quite an unexpected moment which had me chuckling which shows us not only is the MC Victo not a pure soul, but the team isn't afraid to get their hands dirty to achieve a few laughs. There are also a few scenes for example; "This is your homeland" says Victo pointing to his tower... had me grinning. Overall I wouldn't say this is a high comedic standard, but it is always good to have a few jokes to lighten the mood in Anime.     

Voice acting 

Clean, composed with good high and lows. I feel that there could be some improvement as there is a decent expression of their voices but there isn't too much presence which I'd say makes around %60 of most great characters. Not only does speech quality affect your opinion on characters but the entire outlook of Anime.  


So far this Anime has delivered a few different types of music and instruments, but its favourite type of music on the play list is Jazz music which does suit the Anime well except it sets the mood too light for serious moments and fight scenes. The music makes the Anime seem too light hearted. There is also some use of violin for other scenes which I do find a good listen. 

Maybe or hopefully a few changes will be made as the series continues to try and raise my opinions on the last few Categories... 


I have also been following the Manga, I believe that it's honestly too early for the Manga to be made an Anime as these first 3 episodes have actually almost caught up to the Manga. I do believe that the graphics are half decent along with the story line, as long as they play with it to make it unique of course. So far it has a lot of potential so I feel it is too early to be so harsh on condemning it as unwatchable as I feel it could be the dark horse of the season. 

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