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10 Best Action (none-manga) Comics that should have anime

As you know the anime industry has been around for a bit of time now, but recently we have seen a rise in other types of comics, i.e. Web Comics, Manhwa/Manhua. The quality of some of these are extremely high, but as only manga is animated I feel the industry isn't completely delivering all if not some great masterpieces, I use the term 'masterpiece' loosely as only I personally believe these are great comics, but that shouldn't affect your opinion, I want you to look into them to decide.


Yes, I'll start off with something quite popular which many of you may already know and love, it is a great comic with great fight scenes with punchy colours and animation. The story follows one Jin Morri an aspiring martial artist in a search for his long-lost Grandfather (who seems to have disappeared) while proving to the world that his Grand father's Martial arts are the best in the world! As he fights to be proven he finds his origins are quite mysterious and complicated. We know that there has been a trailer or sorts has been made on youtube, but there hasn't been anything official yet...



The Baruch Family, a family said to have descended from dragons themselves, or the so the story was told by their ancestors. Young Linley from the Baruch family is young, there are many things in the world he doesn't know, but one thing he does know is POWER. One day as the struggling once wealthy and powerful Baruch family search their Mansion for valuables to sell for money Linely comes across a strange ring with a Dragon carved into it: will this ring be the answer to his family's problems? One thing we do know this ring contains a power that young Linely would never imagine.

This series is action-packed and will leave you emotional at times as this is one story you wouldn't want to miss.


Badass as they come

What if you died and can start your life again with all your previous memories? Fall in love again, Change history for the better, even get revenge. It's exactly as I say when the vigorously trained Nie Lie meets his unfortunate end against a powerful and unexpected foe. Sent back to the young age of 13 where he hasn't yet experienced love and is still the weakest and most untalented pupil in the academy, he now has a chance to prove those who kicked him at his weakest that he should be feared more than any demon.   

I have been thoroughly enjoying this series and believe this if any non-manga series should be animated this should be at the top of the list. 


this fights gonna be good
A boy destined for greatness and a great man shrouded in mystery. One day traveller arrives at Pareia located in the Great Desert, upon stumbling on this land he is offered water and food from the kind King and in return, he wishes to train the son of the king (Yulian). Yulian is young, childish and confident in his abilities, he hopes to take revenge someday on a warrior he blames for his mother's death, his world expands as this traveller shows Yulian power that he believes impossible. Join Yulian on this journey as he rules, loves and shines as discovers there are things in this world that are greater than known and monsters that exist which shouldn't exist. He looks into the distance and believes he must ascend to protect those who are dear. 

This comic is not just a story but a journey of a man who seeks, strives and thrives through the odds of human capabilities. 


Do you believe in Demons? They believe in you. When a great Devil forces a contract on Cha Shi-hoon, he has no choice but to accept but he soon realises he has been dragged into a war that will change his world. Who is this Devil and why do these new circumstances bring Cha Shi-hoon and his sister closer to the truth to their missing Parents.  

This particular comic has surprised me in the sense that almost every chapter leaves me on a cliffhanger that leaves you dreaming while your eyes are bulging and red due to you stopped blinking... well, you get the picture. This is an excellent series highly recommended for actions and suspense. 


Police catch criminals right? Ryan is a rookie cadet but all isn't as seems when Ryan chases down a potential murderer for questioning to discovers some people and other monstrous beings cannot be policed by the laws of society. These beings are not from the human world but live among us, this series follows Ryan and his quest to police these individuals who do not abide by the laws of humans, but there is more to Ryan than it seems as he has a shadowy past which only a few know about which make him unique.  

This series starts off quite shallow, but its real potential explodes soon enough and leaves little to be desired.   


Imagine training your whole life for revenge but found out you can't? It's precisely this case when a young man loses his purpose when he finds out all his master's, who is said to have the greatest martial arts, enemies are now dead so must find a new purpose in life, but his masters reputation as strongest is not easily forgotten and when people hear, this the young mans reputation will rise as oceans splits and mountains crumble to rubble, but are all his masters enemies dead or simply hiding? 

Gosu is close to being a masterpiece in both story and visuals, every chapter released leaves you feeling blessed. A real wave making comic.

truly spectacular visuals which improve throughout

 Are you ready? 


Slaved, oppressed and treated like dogs. The harsh reality humans live in as gods rule the realm, people are powerless against them until one day Ah Gou's father a king of men stands up to the King of the God's, but their rebellion is crushed. Ah Gou the young prince must now find a way to survive the world under the harsh barbaric rule of the Gods and one day get his revenge. 

Fantastic story, excellent visuals and every element mixed into to create the ultimate comic. One of my top 3 comics ever if not first.  


This series follows the awakening of Raizel a Vampire Noble, but not just any Noble the Noblesse. On his awakening after so much time has passed he finds Corrupt Vampir Lords and Humans have become a significant threat to his kind, he now has to bring order and peace to the races before all hell breaks loose. 

Quite a typical storyline you might say, but when you start this comic, you will become immersed into its world, so you will come to love it. I urge everyone to try this and no it's nothing like Twilight... 


Xiao-yan, Son of the Yan family once hailed as a genius but now cannot cultivate and is now being called trash of the Yan family bringing them shame. One day he finds a cave, in that Cave, he is able to cultivate until it stops and a Jade ring emerges: is this ring the key to stop all this hatred and allow his family overcome bullying from an oppressing family? Also when his engagement is called off, he must try any technique to prove that family wrong that he isn't trash.

following the journey of this comic, I can easily say that it consistently delivers high-quality moments of excitement and definitely anime worthy.

Thank you for reading, I would like to know your thoughts below!

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I am a great fan of these, I'm following quite a few, please say if you want more.

What do you think of this list?
Are you into Web Comics, Manhwa/Manhua?
Is there any that you would like to add?

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