Ajin Live Action Film Coming this Year

Ajin is a great series.  I'd been following the manga when it came out and it was gripping pretty much from the start.  Which I guess it should come as no big surprise that it would get a live-action release soon after the release of the anime, but I was still caught off-guard when I found out.

With all live actions (or rather, the adaptations from anime and manga), I get pretty skeptical on the quality.  I can't really be blamed, can I?  Most of my experiences so far have been terrible, as have most people's.  Some things simply cannot be pulled off as smoothly when constrained by some elements of reality, such as the character's physical capabilities or supernatural abilities.

Ajin would be an example of a series that I would normally fear for when getting a live-action adaptation, particularly when using the IBMs or the various methods of death involved for the characters.  However, I will temporarily set my skepticism aside.  Personally, the trailer looks pretty darn good in terms of effects.  I do think that some of the deaths in the sequence look pretty fake, what with no blood and all, but the IBMs actually turned out pretty accurate and can move dynamically without looking completely ridiculous.  Of course, that's just my opinion.

I do have some concerns about changes being made in the plot.  I came across the detail that Kei is going to be portrayed as office worker rather than a student.  Normally, this would be a grievous change to me, but Kei doesn't really have many memorable school moments that couldn't also be related through an aged-up version of his character.  I won't complain about this aspect, but it does make me wonder what else has been changed, either for the sake of convenience or otherwise.

But is this something that needs concern?  Many of the people who have worked on the Rurouni Kenshin films (probably one of the few live action adaptations to actually garner praise) are collaborating on this film.  Only time will tell, and it won't be too long since the movie is set to be released in Japan on September 30th.  Guess we'll see.

My final verdict is that the trailer has me interested enough to actually try watching it whenever it becomes available.  For those curious, the full clip is below.  Let me know what you think about Ajin getting a live-action movie and whether or not it will be worth seeing.