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Top Six Short Anime about Cats

What goes better together than PB&J? Cats and anime!

Anime is all very well and good, but cats are even better. Thus, making anime about cats is like making chocolate coated bananas: it takes a good thing and perfects it. With that in mind, let us discuss the top six short anime about cats (in no particular order).

6. Bananya

Bananya is the anime about a cat who lives in a banana. Bananya is adorable and funny. Bananya's dream, incidentally, is to become a chocolate coated Bananya. No, one will not find any character development, plot twists, or deep, engaging themes in this anime. However, one does not really need any of that for a show like this (only thirteen three-minutes episodes). The moment they thought of this premise, it was guaranteed to be great. If you like whimsy for the sake of whimsy, this is the anime for you. You can even buy Bananya plushies.

5. Donyatsu

Donyatsu is the anime about post-apocalyptic doughnut cats. Well, what were you expecting? It is not that good, in truth, and one really needs to read the manga to understand it properly. However, I could hardly not mention it in this context. Basically, in the manga, Donyatsu woke up in a deserted town, with no memories. All the humans were dead and gone, but fortunately for our hero, he found a companion in Begel, the Bengal bagel cat. Together, they embark on various adventures, and it is some of these adventures which the anime depicts.

4. Chi's Sweet Home

Chi’s Sweet Home, in contrast, is an anime about an ordinary cat. In season one (104 three-minute episodes), Chi gets separated from her mother (in a scene which makes Your Lie in April look like a comedy) and is adopted by a family of humans (who are not allowed to have cats in their apartment). In season two (104 three-minute episodes), Chi and her family move to a new home. A new series, Chi's Sweet Adventure, which uses CGI, started last year and follows Chi’s further adventures (43 12-minute episodes so far). As one might expect from such a premise, it is a light-hearted series which children and adults of any age can enjoy. Like Donyatsu, it is based on a manga. It is full of relatable observations on what it is like to live with a cat. 
Indeed, I might say it is better than Bananya, but of course, that would be heresy.

3. Poyopoyo

Poyopoyo is another anime where a family adopts a cat, named Maru. The difference is that this cat is spherical. There are 52 two-and-a-half-minute episodes following the amusing adventures of this glorious creature and his adopted family. Frankly, if you are not watching Poyopoyo, then what are you doing with your life?

2. She and Her Cat

She and Her Cat is an anime by Makoto Shinkai about the life of a cat (Daru) and his human (Kanojo), narrated from Daru’s perspective. If you have ever wondered what your cat is thinking, you should watch this anime. Expect melancholy, however. Kanojo is often out of the house, and Daru thus reflects on how much he cherishes those moments when Kanojo comes home and their lives intersect. Daru is also a very loving and virtuous cat, who tries to help Kanojo cope with her difficult life (although this sometimes leads to misunderstandings, as humans and cats have somewhat different values). She and Her Cat started out in 2002 as a one-shot five-minute OVA, but was adapted into a (slightly longer) series of four eight-minute episodes last year. I recommend watching both (you may as well).

1. The Cat Returns

1. The Cat Returns is a delightful and at times hilarious 75-minute film from Studio Ghibli. A girl, Haru, saves the life of Lune, a cat prince. As a reward for her services, she is soon whisked away to the world of the Cat Kingdom to be made Prince Lune’s bride. However, Baron, a cat figurine which came to life (no doubt the figurine from Whisper of the Heart), is determined to help Haru, even as she starts turning into a cat. Go and watch it.

I dedicate this article to the memory of my maternal grandparents' beloved cat, Jellica. Requiescat in pace.

What do you think of these anime? 
What would you add to or subtract from this list?