Month: September 2017

How to Become a Citizen of Japan

Have you ever thought about being citizen of Japan?  Well, now you can (easier than before anyway).  But it’s also not for everyone.  Here’s a quick summary of the points made in a recent video by the Anime Man. -Acquiring citizenship relies on a point-based system.  (Maintain 70 points for 3 years or achieve 80 […]

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Should Anime Stop Using CG?

We have all seen anime with many different types of animation which help set the theme better. But: are they any good? In most cases, the animation is Excellent and makes you love the anime more, but what happens when they the creators get a little eccentric… They start using CG like shown in the picture […]

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Why I Am Not A Weeb

As a fan of anime, I have, on occasion, been accused of being a ‘weeb’. ‘Weeb’, short for ‘weeaboo’, is a degenerate form of the term ‘wannabe Japanese’ (or ‘Wapanese’). It is a term which supposedly refers to an anime fan who has become so obsessed with Japanese culture, to the neglect of their own […]

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