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Should Anime Stop Using CG?

We have all seen anime with many different types of animation which help set the theme better. But: are they any good? In most cases, the animation is Excellent and makes you love the anime more, but what happens when they the creators get a little eccentric... They start using CG like shown in the picture above.

The image shown above is a popular series which almost every manga reader has read or will enjoy but the for the new anime for it, they decided to try a different approach, you guessed it, it was the CG. Who could hide that elephant in the room?

This is a fight scene from that respected anime, but you don't sense any presence from it at all, it feels cheap, rushed, and uncaring, but it is actually, on the contrary, a lot of effort has been put into this, it's just that the CG that makes it seem that way.

The second anime that I want to take a look at that uses an easy to notice style of CG is God Eater, Once using the old style of animation and then turned to using CG for all moments of the anime. The result? Dropping the anime after 5 episodes due to the fact the animation was painful to my eyes. I cannot say the story affected the reason I dropped the anime because I had read the manga and enjoyed the story thus far, so it actually had an advantage before I started the anime.

Now, when I watched the anime I gave it a proper fighting chance to get me involved, it did not deliver, the reason? The CG did not achieve the impact and impression to pull me in. The fighting in this particular anime is its selling point, mind you all if not most anime that use this type of CG are action animes, but the CG itself stops you from getting that thrill from watching, taking away it's a special element which makes it from an average anime to a good anime.

As you can see, the picture above is from the Anime 'Big Oder'. I had high hopes for this Anime, but when I saw the cross work of CG and 'normal' anime animation, I saw significant a difference and that difference is presented in the above picture. The Above pic shows the MC Eiji Hoshimiya and the being that grants his wish, as you can see the beings CG itself doesn't really fit in with the anime and so draws too much attention, and not the good kind, the bad kind. It really does seem like they wanted to cut corners with how flimsy the being looks, not to mention the lack of detail. Overall the Anime was enjoyable, but I believe they really should have put more thought into it when deciding to use CG for it.

At this point, you probably think that I have something against CG, although it is true companies are using it to increase production speed and consistency adding on the fact that companies are using it to skimp out on creating shadings and textures delivering us a low-quality product if the entire anime is made out of it. On the contrary, this is not the case as I there are different types of CG than the ones I used in the examples above, some even seem like normal Anime animation which is the case when it appears like it hasn't been used, this is what I'd class as perfection. When it comes to CG, my personal opinion on it is that it must blend into the scene and not stand out (not playing a major role in the screen view) and it cannot be an Item which a character interacts with.

So, what are your thoughts on CGI in anime?