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Happy Birthday WonderfulSubs!

Happy 2nd Birthday WonderfulSubs! A thanks from us to you, the anime community.

Fun Fact: Wikipe-tan's birthday is January 5th, but that's not what we're celebrating today of course :-)

Once upon a time there was a little nerd living in his mother's cold, wet basement who had the desire to build a community of people around one of the things he loved...and failed. So instead, he and a few online friends launched an anime focused blog hoping to achieve both community development and inform people of the latest and greatest in the anime world. Long story short, he got impatient, went on a temper tantrum, a few words were said, people were killed, and the rest is history.

That launch was 2 years ago from today.

What was to come later was unforeseen at the time, and boy the kind of changes that can happen in a measly two years can surprise you! I want to thank you all for the love and support that you've all shown for WonderfulSubs these past couple of years, especially these last few months. Whether you remember WS as a blog or a 24/7 livestream or whatever it is at the time you read this (and double points if you remember back when this place was a mere chatroom, old man), I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here. From the developers to the users, and even to those who are long gone.

Happy Birthday WonderfulSubs! 🎂

Your friend, Red.