Anime Japan

If you watch Anime, then you're a Weeaboo. Period.

Otaku. Weeabo. These are all degenerative names for people who conistently watch Anime. But why doesn't this apply to other fandoms?

A Weeabo in Japan

As a fan of anime, I have, on occasion, been accused of being a 'weeb'. 'Weeb', short for 'weeaboo', is a degenerate form of the term 'wannabe Japanese' (or 'Wapanese'). It is a term which supposedly refers to an anime fan who has become so obsessed with Japanese culture, to the neglect of their own (which they consider inferior), that they want to 'be' Japanese. In short, they are Japanese supremacists, despite not actually being Japanese. This is a bad thing to be, and consequently, the term 'weeb' is derogatory. I consequently reject its application to me.

Since they desire to be Japanese, 'weebs' will often attempt to integrate, at least in a superficial sense, Japanese into their language and in other respects to emulate the Japanese. Or so I am told: for it is far from clear to me that anyone I have ever met actually wants to 'be' Japanese in this way.

However, the term seems to be to be entering extended use to describe anyone who is a fan of anime. This will not do. There is nothing wrong with being an anime fan, anymore than it is wrong to be a fan of any other sub-category of fiction or any other recreational activity. Therefore, anime fans should not be referred to in a derogatory fashion, for this is simply bigotry. Of course, the term is also often used by anime fans to refer to themselves or their fellow fans in a self-deprecating fashion. This indicates a regrettable lack of self-respect. Being an anime fan is nothing of which to be ashamed. 

While I am a fan of anime in general, and of some particular anime, as well as having various other interests, I am not a weeb. I do not consider Japanese culture to be superior to my own: quite the opposite, in fact. I much prefer the West. I respect Japanese culture, but I think it has serious problems as well. Take, for instance, its tolerance for paedophilia and incest. This has regrettably seeped into the anime community. I do not regret the fact that I was not born Japanese or in Japan. I have no desire to be Japanese. Therefore, I protest any suggestion that I am a 'weeb'. I invite you to join with me in making this protest.

Are you with me? If so, why? If not, why not?