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The forgotten Avatar: The Last Airbender Chibi series no one talks about

The Avatar Super Deformed Shorts mini series is a charming piece of forgotten history in the Avatar fandom.

Avatar Super Deformed Shorts

While whether or not Avatar: The Last Airbender can be considered an "Anime" is up for debate, there's no denying that the mini series based on the show released back in the 2000's is highly inspired by the cutesy chibi Japanese art style.

Avatar Chibi gang
Chibi gang, Chibi gang, Chibi gang, Chibi gang Chibi  gang, Chibi gang, Chibi gang, Chibi gang

In a time where Anime is popular and Avatar is making a major resurgence (albeit due to the recent announcements of a live action remake of the series and the series release on Netflix, literally breaking records), I'm surprised that this set of shorts aren't brought up quite as often. I'm not too sure of how many people even know these exist, as I only recall them airing a few times back during The Last Airbender's TV run, and released on the Seasons 2 and 3 box-sets as well. Nickelodeon has recently uploaded one of the shorts on the Avatar YouTube channel, however.

The Avatar Super Deformed Shorts are a really nice breath of fresh air from the show's darker tone. To be able to see the cast of characters debate over which element bending technique is the best to having Aang, Zuko, Jet, and Haru fight over who's taking Katara to the school dance (with a hilarious twist!) can be mildly satisfying.

Jet, Zuko, Haru all crying
(From left to right) Jet, Zuko, and Haru

Seriously, some of this stuff can feel straight out of a fanfic. They've got Avatar Roku as the class teacher in one episode and have Suki and Yue arguing over Sokka in another (oh wait, it was the same episode!) You can't make this stuff up. And don't get me started on mini stubby toed Appa!

Korra holding Appa plushie
Omg they referenced chibi Appa in Legend of Korra!

The large cast from the Avatar universe are used to their fullest even as background characters, and the show is stuffed galore with Easter Eggs. You can check out all three shorts below:

Bending Battle

Swamp Skiin' Throwdown

School Time Shipping