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When Love Meets Anime: Parents Name their Son After This Black Clover Character

Parents of a new born child name him after a character from the popular Black Clover series.

So what do you get when two anime fans have a baby? Probably exactly what you’re thinking.

Texas couple Roxy and Victor are the proud parents of their newly born baby boy, Asta. That’s right, named after the main protagonist from the hit shonen series Black Clover by Yuki Tabata.

Asta from Black Clover

In an interview conducted by Crunchyroll, the couple were pressed for more information to get to the bottom of their decision making process. Here are a few excepts below:

Crunchyroll: Can you give me a little background about both of you? How long have you each been into anime, and what are some of your favorite shows or movies of all time?

R&V: We've been into anime since the age of five. In the mornings, it would be Pokémon, Sailor Moon, Inuyasha, and then Shinzo and Yu-Gi-Oh!.

Crunchyroll: Obviously you have to be a pretty big Black Clover fan to name your son Asta. What is it about Asta that made the name stick in your mind?

R&V: The name started to stick because of how wild Asta was in the womb. He'd act up like as he was in a tumble dryer. Just spinning around in there for half and hour, taking a break and then going back to his somersaults an hour later. Even the midwife, the nurses and doctors thought he was wild and extremely active in his early stage up until birth. They told us he was going to be a very strong and healthy baby. So Asta made super sense.

Crunchyroll: Does your child scream as much as Asta does in the anime?

R&V: He screams just as much as Asta from the anime or maybe even more. Hungry? He screams. Excited to see us? He screams. New toy, definitely screaming. Did we just make eye contact and not give him attention? Okay, there's definitely going to be a scream after that (lol). He's a Taurus, and our cute little Black Bull, Asta.

Honestly, this is probably one of the more tame and reasonable naming choices for a baby based on a fictional character, at least in recent years, so I’ll give credit where it’s due. Let’s hope that baby Asta will aspire to become a great person of importance just like his anime counterpart.

Cheers to the future Wizard King. 🥂

You can read the full interview on Crunchyroll News.