Anime List Memes

17 Anime Memes That'll Tickle Your Funny Bone

We all deserve a good laugh every now and then (except you Isabella. You don't). So sit back and relax on that comfy toilet seat and enjoy these fresh memes!


2. Not today, Truck-kun

3. Japan just being Japan

4. *insert obligatory "It's a trap!" here*

5. Who's your God now?

6. The theory of evolution

7. *zooms in to enhance image*

8. must protecc


9. Attention to detail is important

10. wut r u talking about

11. The 8th Wonder of the World

12. Truth

13. When a voice actress's characters perform the fusion dance

14. First world problems

15. Damn, thwarted again!

16. The Pursuit of Happiness

17. "Blues-kun"