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Beastars Season 2 Release Date Revealed


We are living in the dawn of a new era. One where almost all of our everyday activities from work to school, all the way down to the very way we socialize with each other has now been transferred to the World Wide Web. One where Artificial Intelligence and other various forms of machinery are replacing many of the jobs we used to have and in some cases our very livelihoods. And of course, one where furry anime reigns supreme.

BNA: Brand New Animal
BNA: Brand New Animal

Now don't get me wrong, I wouldn't consider viewers of anime featuring anthropomorphic animal societies to be furries per se, but you have to admit the significant amount of series based on this concept are on the rise in popularity. 2019 gave us animated series such as African Office Worker and Beastars. Now 2020 has brought us the beloved original anime BNA: Brand New Animal by Studio Trigger, and it seems that 2021 will witness the return of one of these series.

Revealed in the manga's 20th volume, the second season of Beastars is slated for a January 2021 release. The popular series based on the manga by Paru Itagaki will premiere on Fuji TV, in contrast to the first season's initial release on Netflix Japan.

Legoshi and Haru
From left to right: Legoshi and Haru

Beastars premiered in Japan on October 8th of 2019. The anime is produced by Studio Orange and directed by Shinichi Matsumi. The manga by Paru Itagaki launched in the Weekly Shōnen Champion magazine on September 2016. Viz Media summarizes the series as follows:

At a high school where the students are literally divided into predators and prey, it's personal relationships that maintain the fragile peace. Who among them is a Beastar—an academic and social role model destined to become a leader in a society naturally rife with mistrust?
Last night at Cherryton Academy, an herbivore student was killed and eaten. Among the members of the drama club, the herbivores' suspicions naturally turn to their carnivore classmates… The prime suspect? Legoshi, a large wolf. But he wouldn't hurt a fly—or would he? And will dwarf rabbit Haru bring out the beast in him? Or are his feelings for her…something else?

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