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Crunchyroll Launches New Streaming Plans with Merch Perks; “Mega” & “Ultimate” Fan

The anime streaming service has launched two additional plans with various benefits, amidst crossing 3 million subscribers.

If you ever wanted to show off how much of an anime fan you are, popular streaming service Crunchyroll has got your back.

The AT&T subsidiary just launched two additional plan tiers for users to choose from. The announcement comes just on the heels of the service having just surpassed 3 million subscribers in early summer. What’s most interesting, however, are the new perks that come with the plans.

The core $8 plan that the service has had for years will continue on as the “Fan” plan. As usual, this plan includes access to the large library of anime titles the service has to offer, which also includes the ability to watch “simulcasts” of new episodes; episodes that air at the same time on Crunchyroll as they do in Japan.

Things get more intriguing from here. The next plan up, dubbed the “Mega Fan” plan, allows for offline viewing of titles, four simulate streams from one account instead of just one, and rebates for buying merchandise at the Crunchyroll Store.

The highest tier, the “Ultimate Plan”, allows for six simultaneous streams from an account, and the addition of an annual membership for a “swag bag” (presumably a yearly delivery of random Crunchyroll or anime goodies), and exclusive access to members-only merchandise.

As usual, ad-supported streaming will still be available for all regions where Crunchyroll is accessible. The new plans have already begun rolling out to users, with full availability expected by early September.

via Deadline