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In Lieu of KissAnime Shutdown, Piracy Site Disables Access to Popular Anime

After the shutdown of the biggest anime pirate site on the web, another major player in the field restricts access to certain titles.

The recent shutdown of the former King of the Pirates, illegal anime streaming site KissAnime, continues to shake up the piracy world. While many of the site’s fake clones continue to thrive, users continue to mourn the loss of what had been the gateway for many into the realm of anime. The effects left behind from the giant are only just beginning to manifest, and apparently this stretches all the way into the sphere of similar sites as well.

Anime Twist, most commonly referred to by the site’s domain name, is another popular illegal anime streaming service beloved by many. It’s mostly known for its simple ad-free interface with high quality subtitled uploads. As of today, the site has disabled access to streaming popular shonen titles such as Hunter x Hunter, Naruto, and Attack on Titan, thanks in part by the death of KissAnime. The announcement was revealed in a message pinned to the very top of their website.

“Due to Kissanime's sudden passing and numerous complaints by our userbase, We have decided to temporary disable Shounens such as Hunter x Hunter , Naruto , Attack on Titan etc [sic],” the message reads. “We hope to be able to provide you with the full premium AT experience as soon as possible.”

Announcement on Anime Twist website
Announcement on Anime Twist website

While the restriction is stated to be temporary, no additional info was given on an estimated time users can expect access to be restored or what conditions need to be met first to do so.

Fans took to Twitter in an outrage over the matter, some up in arms after just having found the site as a replacement to KissAnime.

With so many of the major players in the anime piracy world shutting down or limiting content, anime fans are struggling to find a new home to fulfill their viewing needs. Even while many popular legal streaming services such as Crunchyroll, Funimation, HiDive, AnimeLab, Netflix, Hulu and more have made authorized streaming of the Japanese goodies more accessible than ever, many remain adamant to succumb to them, stating that none of these services compare to the large library that pirate sites offer. Whether or not a legal service that fits the bill will surface remains to be seen, but there is hope.