Anime Spot Difference

5 Spot the Difference Anime Screenshots You'll Never Find

There are 3 differences in each image. Can you find them all?

Uraraka Ochako

There are 3 differences in each screenshot selected from various Anime series. Can you find them all? To reveal the answers, tap or hover over the grey box below each series. If the image is to small, just tap or click to enlarge the image or zoom in.

Answer: Blue collar button missing, Blue vest buttons missing, Left man smile is now frown

Answer: Screw on wheels, 2 gills missing, Window on right is missing

Answer: Jewels on sword missing, Triangle on shirt missing, Details on earring missing

Answer: Green jacket pocket missing, Round object near tall man color change, Man under blue suit armpit hair color change

Answer: Blue shirt middle design warped, Left man backpack arms missing lines, Added blue tinted window pane

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