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YouTube Deletes SpongeBob Anime Parody for "Violating it's Policy Against Children" (Update: It's been restored!)

Spongebob anime deleted from YouTube
What happened to F is for "Friends?", YouTube?

Update: It seems thanks to the power of God and Anime, or rather the huge amount of uproar that people took to social media over the matter to the point that #SaveSpongeBobAnime was trending on Twitter, that episode 1 of the SpongeBob anime series is back.

"We literally did it through the power of friendship (and an angry mob)" confirmed YouTuber Narmak, the creator of the video, in a series of tweets. Also noting that his second strike on his account had been removed. "TOP 10 ANIME ARCS #1: SpongeBob Anime Removal Arc."

The original story is below:

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Well apparently that SpongeBob Anime parody because no one has any idea if the video will resurface anytime soon.

The critically acclaimed SpongeBob parody released on July 24th by YouTuber Narmak, who is known for making epic Anime parodies of popular intellectual properties, was taken down August 1st by YouTube, with a message in its place stating that "This video has been removed for violating YouTube's Terms of Service."

Narmak took to Twitter to elaborate a little more on the situation, stating that he now has 2 strikes on his YouTube channel, which is a dire stance for any YouTuber to be in:

"My SpongeBob anime Episode 1 was taken down from YouTube. They tell me it was because I violated their 'child safety policy.' It was marked as not for children," the YouTuber said. "I now have 2 strikes on my channel. One more strike, and my YouTube channel is gone. @TeamYouTube what the hell."

YouTube has been very strict on labeling videos on what is and isn't child friendly content, ever since the COPPA debacle took place in late 2019. Uploaders themselves are left with the responsibility to correctly mark their content, which has been met with much controversy.

The SpongeBob anime English dub was originally scheduled to be released soon, with it's trailer having been released a day before on July 31st. Whether or not that will be put on hold remains to be seen.

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