Anime Fun Fact List Trivia

12 Anime Facts That May Surprise You

Anime is more ingrained in pop culture than you'd believe. Here's some fun facts showing many of the influences Anime has on modern day entertainment.

Anime has taken the world by storm in recent years. However, did you know that Anime is more ingrained in pop culture than you'd believe? Check out some fun facts that show many of the influences Anime has had on modern day entertainment and vice versa.

1. The Joker had inspired Makashima Shogo's character in Psycho-Pass.

2. Son Goku's english voice actor, Sean Schemmel, passed out during the recording of the character's Super Saiyan 4 (SSJ4) transformation scene.

3. Rhydon, Clefairy, and Lapras were the first Pokemon ever designed.

4. Ghost in the Shell directly inspired the creation of The Matrix. From the visuals to the story itself.

5. The creator of Soul Eater's favorite characters are Excalibur, Shinigami-sama, and Mosquito due to the fact that they are easy to draw.

6. Kanye West's music video for his song Stronger is based on the movie adaptation of Akira.

7. Trese, a popular comic based in Philippines focused around Filipino mytholoy, is set to receive an Anime adaption on Netflix in 2020. A rare example of a non-Japanese or Chinese based asian Anime.

8. Sazae-san, a series about how a mother/wife deals with contemporary situations in Tokyo, is the longest running Anime series ever, airing since 1969 and still going.

9. Death Note, Sword Art Online, Assassination Classroom, Attack On Titan, and Black Butler are banned in China due to conflicting ideologies with the country's values.

10. Space Brothers, an anime about two brothers dealing with the realm and complexities of careers in a space agency, had one of their voice actors record their lines from outer space.

11. During Noragami's initial airing, the phone number that Yato left everywhere actually let you call and talk to Yato (exclusive to Japan).

12. Anime makes up for 60% of the world's animated content.

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