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20 of the Weirdest Japanese Commercials

Japan is known for many things outside of the country. Anime, its culture, and most importantly, a lot of their borderline insane commercials they produce for television. Here are 20 of some of the most weirdest Japanese commercials.

1. This is why you have to drink your milk, kids

2. Probably will never eat chocolate candy ever again

3. Does this technically count as a furry?

4. Cowboy Nicolas Cage dancing with aliens? Nothing new here

5. Probably the tamest from the bunch

6. Uh...

7. How Japanese people learn English

8. I'm not lovin' it

9. Looks can be deceiving

10. What the heck did she do to him?

11. This one goes without saying

12. The Panda Cheese commercials are the best for their creepyness

13. Well, I guess there's more than one way to skin a cat

14. I wish gum could make me this happy

15. That went from zero to a hundred real quick

16. Is that Cheese Head Saitama?

17. Only the best way to travel in Japan

18. Well, that happened

19. Ladies, please explain

20. It's amazing what dogs can sense