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3 Tips That Will Get Your Friend into Anime

Here are 3 tips that will help get your non-anime fan friend into watching anime.

Isn't Mai cute?

We all have at least one friend who is cool with us but just can't get down with the rest of the crew due to their lack of interest in anime. Well it's time to bring your friend over to the dark bright side, as we bring to you a number of tips to turn your non-weeb friend into the Otaku GOD, future King/Queen of Japan.

Tip #1: DON'T introduce them via any mainstream Anime

Dragon Ball Z
Good series, widely known, and that's the problem

Note that this doesn't mean popular series such as Attack on Titan or One Punch Man, which have a history of creating a whole new generation of anime lovers and the state of the fandom probably wouldn't be where it is today without them, despite their flaws.

No, I'm talking about DO NOT start them off by watching series that pretty much anyone outside of the fandom recognize by name; namely Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Sailor Moon, etc. More than likely they'll already have a few preconceived stereotypes off those four alone, and while these are really great series in their own right, it may be more difficult to get them to watch something they may think they already know what it's all about. Instead, surprise them with great psychological thrillers such as Death Note and Steins;Gate. Or proven action/adventure series such as Sword Art Online and yes, Attack on Titan. Or if they love comedy, try them on Gintama, Mob Psycho 100, or JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Then you can introduce them to the classics such as Dragon Ball Z, and maybe even One Piece.

Tip #2: Constantly annoy them until they start watching a series you know they'd love

Sometimes what doesn't make sense, makes the most sense

I know this tip sounds unorthodox but from my own experience it works like a charm.

If there's one universal thing that people hate, it's being annoyed, or nagged to death. You can use this little nark of human behavior to your advantage, reminding them at least once every day that they should seriously start watching Naruto's search for the One Piece in Dragon Bleach Z. Or at least once every other day. It may seem petty at first but eventually everyone caves into constant demand of something that can be resolved rather easily. Once you've got them hooked, just keep tossing more amazing series their way, and eventually they will carve their own way into the fandom.

Kaguya sama Love Is War
This will be you someday

Tip #3: DON'T, and I mean DO NOT introduce them to YOU. KNOW. WHAT.

"Anime was a mistake" - Not Miyazaki

Bro, there is such thing as being a jerk and then there's just being a total a**hole. Don't be that guy.

Avoid any and all mentions of Boku no Pico, or any other genuinely messed up series close in that range such as Happy Sugar Life. At this point you will have ruined almost all chances of ever getting your friend or anyone into anime, for at that point they'll just refer to it as those creepy Chinese cartoons for pedos and future criminals. You've officially helped further ruin the image of not only yourself, but anime fans as a whole. Nice going, jerk.

As for hentai in general, I guess that depends on the person. That's entirely to your own discretion.

Well we hope these tips have helped you further expand the Anime kingdom, and now have strengthened our numbers even if by just one more. You're doing Kami's work, soldier.