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No it's not a 2D Anime pic. It's a 360 degree model you can touch and explore here

One Sketchfab user created an entire 3D rendition of a classic Studio Ghibli film that retains the look of the studio's 2D style.

Studio Ghibli is known for their critically acclaimed movies directed by its founder Hayao Miyazaki. They are beautifully animated 2D films with eccentric story telling, accompanied by a soundtrack tuned specifically to its visuals.

Well, Studio G is breaking ground in a different field this year, with the production company set to release its first CG anime, directed by Miyazaki's own son Goro Miyazaki, who is known to not have the best relationship with his father.

However, thanks to one Sketchfab user who goes by Granicoph, we can take a look back in time to see what one of Ghibli's older films would have looked like in a CGI environment, namely the 1984 classic Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. The best part? It's totally interactive, and you'd never be able to tell that a still shot from any angle from it belonged to a CGI model.

This is actually Granicoph's second piece of work regarding CGI modeling of the film, as the first one has a similar make-up, albeit a little more rough.

Granicoph has other similar pieces of work, such as models based on the Legend of Zelda series. You can check out more of their work on their Sketchfab profile.

via SoraNews24