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Prototype Game Boy Advance found at an auction with notable quirks

One prototype Game Boy Advance model was recently unearthed from an auction on Yahoo Japan. Nintendo Life compares the it to those retailed in stores.

Once upon a time many many years ago (or at least it seems like that) Nintendo unveiled the Game Boy Advance to the world. The handheld gaming console took the world by storm and stole the hearts of millions. Interestingly enough though when Nintendo began marketing the device back in 2001, the models seen in the promotional materials were significantly different than those that retailed in stores.

Well it seems we may finally have an explanation for the mysterious variants as one lucky person won one of these prototype Game Boy Advance models from an auction on Yahoo Japan, after entering into it on a whim.

The prototype feature the orange and silver color scheme seen in Nintendo ads of yesteryear. There are other notable differences such as the device's startup sound, a slightly modified version of the classic tune, which has been seen on other prototype Game Boy models in the past.

Another thing of note is that the prototype seems to struggle with graphics of games that were released after the GBA's initial launch, with horizontal and vertical lines distorting the screen during certain parts of gameplay. The device also features slightly modified L and R trigger buttons, missing the lips found on the retail models.

You can check out more in the video from Nintendo Life below.

via Nintendo Life