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Top 5 Anime on Netflix you need to watch

When it comes to Anime streaming services,  the first thing that comes to mind for many fans of anime are either Crunchyroll, Funimation, HiDive, or AnimeLab. However, many broader streaming services also have a large variety of anime titles. We're talking about the big boys like Hulu, Amazon Prime, and of course the one that started them all, Netflix.

Thanks Netflix. Thanks.

While it's true these services don't have a sole focus on anime, Netflix is a peculiar one from the bunch. The streaming giant has invested heavily into producing anime originals for the platform, proving that it has true interest in Japanese animation rather than just labeling it as another genre on the platform (which referring to anime as a genre is ludicrous alone).

While Netflix has a large selection of anime  titles to choose from, there are a number of must watch titles available on the platform for anyone with even the slightest interest in anime should watch. Here are the top 5 you should consider adding to your queue.