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Announcing Our $500 Prize Spooktober Art Contest

We're running an art contest to help incentivize artists around the world to do what they do best: Draw!

Wonderfulsubs Spooktober Art Contest

Anime, in all of its forms, is an art. Be it an animated series, manga, or even a light novel, all of these things are the physical manifestation of ideas made by creators from various backgrounds. Each story has a story of its own, and without the people behind many of our favorite works having persevered through a difficult industry to flourish in, most of these stories we know and love would have never seen the light of day. So to all of the writers and artists out there, we thank you tremendously for your contributions to the world.

In celebration of the various art challenges taking place in the month of October, we here at WonderfulSubs wanted to encourage the growth and development of aspiring artists out there too. So with that said, we are announcing our Spooktober Art contest!

This contest not only serves as an incentive to get those creative juices flowing, but to also help give budding artists some recognition in the long run. We know how difficult it can be to get off the ground.

The contest is open worldwide, and the winner of the contest will receive a grand prize of $500 cash (or whatever the $500 USD equivalent is in your region). Payment will be made via PayPal. Even though there is only one winner, we will continue to showcase the most popular entries on our social media pages in the weeks following the winner announcement, so that others still get a chance of exposure. We will tag the account and include the title of the artwork in our posts, so make sure to post from the account you want featured!

The contest will run from October 2 to November 20 at 11:59PM EST. We will announce the winner on November 27 via our website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Discord server. We will attempt to reach out to the winner on the announcement date, and if all methods of communication fail after a week from that date, we will select a new winner and the process will repeat.

Artwork Theme

A scary Christmas surprise. ❄️ Think of it as a wacky mix between Halloween and Christmas.

Nightmare before Christmas
Ah, yes. Nothing screams Trick-or-Treat more than a snowball to the face.

How to Enter

Entering the WonderulSubs Spooktober Art contest is simple. First, follow either our Instagram or Twitter page, depending on which one you'll be posting to. Second, just create a post on either Instagram or Twitter with the image you want to submit and tag it with #Spooktober and #WonderfulSubs. Note, only posts with both hashtags will count as an entry. Make sure to include a title for your work in the post description. You may submit as many unique entries as you’d like. No plagiarism and no NSFW art is allowed. Any entries containing these will not be considered.

WonderfulSubs Instagram

WonderfulSubs Twitter

Judgement of entries will be based upon a mixture of criteria, such as quality of art, post engagement, and how closely it relates to the given theme. We will not heavily weigh on post engagement as a factor, since we understand that this can be easily manipulated.

Bonus points: Share your entry links in the #art_contest channel of our Discord server! Our team is very active there and more likely to review those entries faster. You can join our server here: WS Discord server

So get your pencils and tablet pens out and go! We wish you all the best of luck. 🤗