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Announcing the AnimeZero by WonderfulSubs VTuber Design Art Contest

We are launching an art contest for the design of our VTuber model in our new VTuber project.

AnimeZero Vtuber Art Contest Discord Ivy Mascot

Today we would like to announce the AnimeZero VTuber Project! AZ is jumping on the VTuber train, and to kickoff our journey to our VTuber’s debut, we’re launching an art contest to find the perfect design for our future idol.

For those who don't know, AnimeZero is WonderfulSubs' online Anime community with over 20,000 members and counting spanning across our various social media channels. Community means the world to us, and the AnimeZero community is full of talented artists! Therefore, we believe it’s best to have the community be at the heart our VTuber. Plus it helps to encourage all of our wonderful artists out there to get those creative juices flowing!

The contest ends on April 23 at 11:59pm EST. All entries will be judged by skilled artists on our team, and the winners will be selected in two weeks following the contest deadline. There will be 3 winners. The 1st place winner will be paid a $200 USD commission to design a full character model sheet for us, which we will then hire a VTuber modeler to bring to life with a model that will work in various VTuber related software. 2nd place will be paid $100 USD and 3rd place $50 USD. More details can be found in the #🖌〡vtuber_art_contest channel in the AnimeZero Discord server, which is the platform the contest is being held and where submissions are to be posted.

Good luck everyone!

You can view our current entries so far below: