Help keep WonderfulSubs alive and support the Anime industry!
If you could donate as much as a cent you’d be greatly contributing to us, the Anime community, and the Anime industry. We here at WonderfulSubs take pride in supporting the industry that provides us with the content we love and hope to continue supporting it for years to come.

Payments are made out to WonderfulSubs’ parent company,
Red Divisions.

How do we support the Anime industry?

The Anime industry does not like to accept offers such as donations directly, so we do the next best thing; consistently buy products and services from licensed anime product distributors (i.e Crunchyroll, The Good Smile Company, etc) and give them away to our audience for free as well as help to spread awareness of Anime/Manga media through the articles that we write on our website. It’s a win/win for the Anime industry and for our audience.

And what more can we ask for than to support the Anime industry and reward the community that keeps it alive? 🙂