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About WonderfulSubs

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WonderfulSubs is a clothing brand formed by anime lovers inspired to create unique apparel for the world to enjoy! Our merch is designed by small creators in the art community looking for a chance to have their work shine.

Our main areas of focus are Japanese anime streetwear along with relatable apparel based on classic anime tropes and trends in the community. As fans of anime, we’ve noticed a stunning lack of meme-able anime merch out there which sucks, because sometimes I don’t wanna wear my SSJ Goku tee to Otakon for the third year in a row, mom. Geez. 🙄

We offer a wide range of designs for every kind of anime fan. Are you the go-hard-or-go-home type? Try one of our chibi-esque shirts on for size! Or maybe you're the casual fan who enjoys a good series or two but no one would know unless Little Johnny sitting two tables over asks you what your favorite anime is? Take a chance on one of our more subtle but aesthetically pleasing designs! And there’s plenty in store for those in between.

Meet Ivy

Ivy WonderfulSubs mascot

Ivy is our lovable, quirky humanitarian mascot beloved by our community! She’s at the very heart of our brand and was practically designed by the various artists throughout our Discord server, with copious amounts of fan art having influenced her design. Due to this, Ivy stands for the very thing we hold near and dear to us; the anime art community. Artists breathe life into our bland world, and anime is an expression of art. So we hope that Ivy can help bring some joy into this dull world in return. 🥰

Ivy Fun Facts:

  • Her birthday is September 28.
  • She’s 18 years old.
  • She’s a humanitarian.
  • She’s naïve and innocent but also haphazard and adventurous. She’s outgoing, always willing to help, and loves to make people smile!
  • You could also say she has a “split” personality.
  • She loves to sing.
  • She has a magical staff that can do stuff. What kind of stuff you ask? Not even Ivy knows.
  • Her origins are unknown, but she’s most likely ethnically Chinese.
  • She has a cute little pet named Trash Can that…no one is quite sure of what the heck it is.
  • Her jacket uses magnets instead of buttons or zippers to stay closed. This makes it easy to take off and put on quickly.

Join Us On Discord

If you like us and what we do, feel free to join our Discord server! You can make friends, play games, win prizes, complain about how miserable existence can be 🥲, and more!

We're here at so please join us and we’ll give you free waffles upon entry! Or maybe not. Depends on the moderators' mood at the time, and you know how Discord mods can be.

And most important of all, remember to Be You. Be Wonderful. ❤️